Prevalence, Characteristics, and Determinants of Suboptimal Care in the Initial Management of Community-Onset Severe Bacterial Infections in Children

juin 2022 JAMA Network Open

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Question  What are the prevalence, characteristics, and determinants of suboptimal care in the initial management of community-onset severe bacterial infections in children?

Findings  In this cohort study that included 259 children, suboptimal care before pediatric intensive care unit admission was frequent and was associated with severe sequelae in children with a community-onset severe bacterial infection. The youngest children and those initially cared for by a primary care physician were at increased risk of suboptimal care.

Meaning  These findings suggest that medical care could be optimized, especially for young children, by improving the preparedness of primary care physicians.

F.Lorton M.Chalumeau et al JAMA june 2022